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Thank you for joining us for the Lonsec Webinar series. The topics that were due to be covered by the Lonsec Symposium are still highly relevant. Whilst the live event itself is cancelled for 2020, we still feel that coverage of these subjects is important, to assist advisers and the wider industry with navigating these difficult times.

We were pleased to be able to bring you the Lonsec Webinar Series in the past five weeks.



Managing equity portfolios in these volatile times


The speed and scale of March’s sell-off has left the market reeling, reinforcing the need for a strong risk management component in your portfolios. Our panellists discuss approaches to risk management that can improve performance through volatility spikes in both a domestic and global setting.

  • Ben Treacy, Institutional Portfolio Manager, Fidelity (Boston, US)
  • Roy Maslen, CIO of Australian Equities, AllianceBernstein
  • David Wilson, Senior Investment Consultant, Lonsec

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Wednesday 13th May 2020, 10AM

Income in a very low rate environment


Rates are at historic lows and heading lower, while around the world banks are slashing dividends or scrapping them altogether. Our panellists share their best ideas for generating income during the crisis, and how you can help retirees meet their income and cash flow objectives.

  • Vimal Gor, Head of Bond, Income and Defensive Strategies, Pendal
  • Amy Xie Patrick, Portfolio Manager, Pendal
  • Anton Tagliaferro, Investment Director, Investors Mutual Limited
  • Michael O’Neill, Portfolio Manager, Investors Mutual Limited
  • Brook Sweeney, Senior Investment Consultant, Lonsec

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Wednesday 20th of May, 10AM

Illiquid real assets: How the coronavirus is challenging super funds, fund managers and investors


Are listed markets more prone to emotion, or are funds underestimating the fall in value in their unlisted holdings? What does this mean for liquidity, super fund redemptions, and the rush to access cash? We tackle this thorny issue from a super fund, fund manager and A-REIT perspective.

  • Ash Reid, Portfolio Manager, Martin Currie (a Legg Mason affiliate)
  • Kirby Rappell, Executive Director, SuperRatings, Lonsec Group
  • Kevin Prosser, Research Manager – Direct Assets, Lonsec

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Wednesday 27th May, 10AM

How not to follow the herd: Differentiated strategies that offer true diversification


As Australia and the world head into recession, investors must look beyond traditional portfolio construction methods to gain true diversification through exposure to different investment strategies. We talk with two managers with their own unique strategies and share innovative solutions for challenging times.

  • Gopi Karunakaran, Portfolio Manager, Ardea Investment Management (Fidante)
  • Chad Padowitz, Chief Investment Officer, Talaria
  • Veronica Klaus, Head of Investment Consulting, Lonsec

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Wednesday 3rd June 2020, 10AM

Sustainability versus ESG – what is your client really looking for?


As many sustainable funds seem to have outperformed during the recent correction, is now the time to ramp up your understanding of what sustainable really means? We discuss how advisers can help their clients cut through the terminology and find solutions that truly align with their values and preferences.

  • Richard Brandweiner, CEO, Pendal
  • Tony Adams, Head of Sustainable Investment Research, Lonsec

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Wednesday 10th June 2020, 10AM






Information about CE/CPD Points

If you had joined us for the live webinar series in the past five weeks, please note that for each of the webinars, it takes up to 10 business days after materials submission to get accredited.

Once we receive the accreditation from Portfolio Construction Forum, we will send you further instructions on how to attain your CE/CPD Points. Whilst we aim to ensure every attendee receives CPD Points, it is within the guidelines provided, that you are required to attend the full duration of the live webinar to receive your CE accreditation. Our technology platform collects data that reflects the duration and your full engagement during the live session.

*CE/CPD Points for Lonsec Webinar Series 1  “Managing equity portfolios in these volatile times” is accredited already. CE/CPD Points is also available for the On-Demand recordings.

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