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Lonsec Symposium aims to provide practical, actionable insights that add real value to the investment and advice solutions. We bring together leading industry practitioners to equip financial advisers with educational topics and current issues in the market. We partner with global fund managers to bring you the latest innovations and insights. Please find the insights from our partners below.


Allan Gray – Your Guide to Contrarian Investing

At its simplest, taking a contrarian investment approach means going against current market trends.

There are different levels of being a contrarian investor. For some investors being contrarian is merely holding more or less of a particular stock relative to the market or their peer group, or taking one or two different investment positions.

At Allan Gray, being contrarian is much more.


Alphinity (Fidante) – Investing in companies ‘doing Good’ and ‘doing it Well’

Responsible Investing has been around for a long time, but the COVID pandemic seems to have transformed it into a secular trend that could become the dominant strategy of the 2020s. Investors are now spoilt for choice with an ever-expanding menu of responsible options, such as ESG Funds, Ethical Funds, Sustainable Funds, Green Funds, Impact Funds and so on, although some are long on promises and short on track record.

So how can investors assess the true underlying sustainability of an investment and get comfortable that they will not have to forego returns in order to feel better about what they are investing in?


Ausbil (Mackay Shields) – Credit Markets and the Rate Spike

Not all periods of sharply rising interest rates are the same – the reasons for a rate rise matter as much as its magnitude and speed. In contrast to the monetary policy-driven Taper Tantrum in 2013, shifting expectations for fiscal policy and growth have driven up risk-free yields this year. This positive fundamental backdrop underscores our constructive view on credit markets in the year ahead.


Munro Partners  – Area of Interest – Climate

The need to de-carbonise the planet is a major thematic of our time, and Climate represents a significant long term investment opportunity.

Munro Partners’ Climate Area of Interest aims to identify the long-term structural growth trend winners (and losers) associated with tackling climate change and de-carbonising the global economy.

This is a generational challenge.


Partners Group – Private Debt: Lending with an ownership mentality

Rebounding private equity investment volumes and a growing private markets universe strengthen
our belief that we will continue to see strong demand for private debt.

As a private debt investor focused on protecting value for our clients, Partners Group has long based its debt financing cases on anticipated downside risk and macroeconomic volatility. However, our models were put to the test in March and April of 2020 by the unprecedented global pandemic. Our investment approach, which focuses on non-cyclical industries, sustainable capital structures and strong cash-flow business models, has been validated as we look at the economic landscape today.


Pendal – Bond sell-off looks to have run its course

Bonds look like great value after a sell-off that appears to have run its course, argues Pendal’s Head of Bond, Income and Defensive Strategies Vimal Gor.

  • Bond sell-off a ‘credibility test’ for central banks
  • Reversal of decades of falling inflation unlikely
  • Bonds look good value
  • Find out about Pendal’s fixed interest strategies


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